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Harkaway Commercial Real Estate

The Real Estate Specialists

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We start with identifying your business objectives and long-term goals.  Then, we help you meet them with specialized knowledge.  Knowledge gained from 100’s of deals. Negotiation skills are honed from decades of completed transactions.

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Property Listings

Client objectives always come first.  We support our client’s real estate needs by acting as its partner.  Harkaway Commercial Real Estate Specialists provide a targeted approach to maximize property exposure and revenue. We offer deep local expertise to help with lease structures.

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Investor representation means executing a company’s strategies.  Detailed financial skills provide our partners with customized solutions for individual assets. We take a hands-on approach, apprised of market trends and opportunities, and ensuring maximum value for your sale or purchase

of property.


Harkaway Commercial Real Estate was founded in 2021. After decades of experience in different major markets, and knowledge gained in distinct asset classes, the firm was created to provide a specialized understanding for clients and their real estate objectives.


Harkaway Commercial delivers tailored solutions based on rigorous financial analysis.  The company’s platform as The Real Estate Specialists is founded on its unique command of data and translating data into practical solutions for clients.

Client objectives often include other interrelated segments and Harkaway Commercial assists by teaming with other skilled professionals to provide integrated and value-added real estate services

  • Financial Modeling and Pro Forma Analysis

  • Project and Construction Management

  • Property Management

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